As the market for gold grows on a feverish pace so is the gold counterfeiting industry. Fake gold items sold around the world are nothing new. On a good note, there are several methods that are used to lessen the risk of ending up with counterfeited gold. While some gold tester services are simple and low-cost, others can be more complexed and almost unobtainable.

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So, if you are wondering whether your gold is authentic or not, here are a number of quick and easy ways on how to check if gold is real:


Whatever the size of the gold is (coin, wafer, or bar), the makers of these items conform to a uniform standard. Do a little research to know what the true dimensions of the item should be, and then compare them to what you have.

It is best to buy yourself a high-quality pair of calipers so that you can precisely measure your gold’s diameter, thickness and its other dimensions.


Gold and other precious metals like silver, palladium and platinum are non-ferrous – meaning, they are not magnetic. If the item sticks to the magnet, it is fake.

To perform this test, use a strong magnet. This type of magnet is commonly sold in hardware stores for a variety of uses. At home, they can be found in a woman’s purse latch, children’s toys or even in an old unused hard drive.

However, the magnet test is not a fool-proof way to determine a gold’s authenticity. Counterfeiters can use non-magnetic metals in gold items as well.


A pure 24K gold is about 19.3g/ml which is much higher compared to most other metals. The higher the density of the gold, the purer it is. Just be sure there are no gemstones of any kind attached to the item before performing the density test.

If you don’t have a scale, you can have a jeweler weigh your gold item for free. Take note, a jeweler with years of experience can immediately distinguish a real gold as it falls into his/her hands.


Scratching a gold item across a ceramic plate or tile is the best way on how to test gold at home without acid. It is considered to be the easiest gold tester method, too.

If you don’t have an unglazed ceramic plate around the house, purchase a random piece from a home-improvement store. A fool’s gold when scraped across it creates a black streak, whereas a gold streak indicates a genuine item.

While this method makes a great gold indicator, you may end up damaging both your ceramic and your gold jewelry.

Ultrasonic Test

While there can be countless of gold purity testing machine available today, Ultrasonic Meter uses an advanced ultrasound technology to measure a precious metal’s sound velocity in a solid and its travelled distance. Ultrasonic test secures detection of fake gold items and other precious metals, such as silver and platinum, through its predetermined sound velocity.

Moreover, this gold tester machine is not only easy to operate and portable, it is low-cost and non-destructive as well.

For more information about Ultrasonic Meter Test and how it works, visit GT-Ultra’s official website.