Small to mid-size Australian businesses that are upgrading their IT systems usually face a myriad of challenges. Key amongst these is the cost of the acquisition of new technologies such as the business phone systems, the cost of support and the fact that many are unlikely to find a technology solution that is uniquely tailored to their needs. Another key challenge is that in a market dominated by foreign technology giants such as Cisco, HP and the National Electric Company or the NEC Corporation, finding a dedicated local service provider or third party partner that also offers professional installation, upgrade and repair services can be difficult. That is why the Australian information, communications and technology services provider PROSSUM is different. The company is one of the most reliable providers of the Office Telephone Systems Melbourne installations for Australian businesses ranging from the small to medium sized and even large businesses.

Office Telephone Systems Melbourne
Office Telephone Systems Melbourne

With many businesses increasingly reliant on the NEC phone systems in Melbourne, PROSSUM serves as a reliable local NEC Elite Partner serving those businesses relying on the Japanese technology provider. With a service that is tailored for the medium-sized enterprises, the company is able to provide a highly personalised and professional service to a market segment that is often overlooked by most of the leading business phone systems providers. This orientation means that Australian companies do not have to worry about the delegation of theOffice Telephone Systems Melbourne installation projects to service providers that lack the professionalism and experience to make the business phone systems work for you and help streamline your business. The last thing you want is making big investments on a technological upgrade that does not deliver the expected value for your business.

Support for Large Businesses

PROSSUM offers its highly personalised and professional Office Telephone Systems Melbourne installation services not only to the mid-sized Australian enterprises but also to large companies and corporations with staff of over 1000. The company proven quality of service has seen it gain an NEC Elite Channel Partner status which is a mark of trust in the company’s NEC phone system support Melbourne services.

The versatility also extends to the range of the NEC business phone systems that PROSSUM sports. The range is quite extensive. Whether your company needs an SV8100 or the SV8300, you can trust NEC’s Australian partner to offer you the best quality of service. Other supported NEC Telephone system standards include the SV8500, the SL1100, the IPS2000, the IVS2000, the IPX/IMX and the Xen Master amongst others.

The NEC phone systems Melbourne solution offers you a service that gives the feel of a corporation and companies and you do not have to worry about your installations being handled by a third party. The trusted service also comes with relatively affordable costs allowing businesses to perform upgrades that streamline their business processes without feeling the pinch. Looking to perform some Melbourne upgrades on your business phone systems with a trusted local partner and world class service, check out